undefinedLetter from borrower Chloe Dickens - Summer 2019

From Chloe Dickens - Summer 2019

Dear Alison,

In October 2017 I came to visit you at Benslow with my mum and you kindly lent me a violin as part of the borrow scheme. I had no idea about the memories I would get to make with this violin. Initially the purpose of the borrow was to give me confidence in my auditions for conservatoire which were imminent. Then, to my delight, I was offered places everywhere I auditioned and gladly took a place at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Since enrolling I have toured to Norway with a freshly formed string quartet, been awarded string and chamber prizes, co-lead student orchestras, played in recordings for music libraries (for use in ads and films) and to top it all off achieved a First in my first year here at conservatoire.

I am absolutely certain that none of this would have happened had it not been for this beautiful French violin labelled 'John Baptiste Salomon'. My peers have complimented me on its gorgeous and enviable tone and my parents have noticed how my growing familiarity with the instrument is helping me to draw out rich tomes, even after two years.

So an enormous thank you is in order and I cannot wait to learn and grow with it over the next few years. I was also wondering just out of curiosity if you had any more info about the violin and its history at all?

All my best,

Chloe Dickens


From Jessica Lin - Returning her Benslow violin - Summer 2019  


undefinedLetter from Borrower Jessica Lin - Summer 2019