Dear Benslow,  (2015)

I wanted to say thank you very much for making our visit to Benslow so enjoyable and for selecting such a fine cello to be loaned.


Jacob is quite thrilled with it and is now gearing up for music college auditions.

He wrote to the cello owner, Mrs Cornelia Starks, within a few days of first having the cello at home  and she responded with a lovely reply immediately.

We look forward to a future visit to Benslow,

In the meantime,

Our thanks and best wishes,


Amanda Barns


Dear Benslow,  (2016)


We are coming to the end of the first year with the cello loaned to Jacob.

It has been absolutely wonderful and with it, he successfully auditioned and was offered unconditional places at all his chosen music colleges, played at numerous concerts and in competitions and toured with both the county Youth orchestra and NYO.

He wrote to Miss Starks, the cello's owner, twice to tell her of his musical journey and received a lovely reply. We do have a lovely video of her cello being played at a recent charity concert which we would have liked to have sent but do not know if she has an email address.

As Jacob is starting his first year at RNCM in September, we have decided to purchase his own instrument and have been fortunate to find a cello to suit.

Thus, reluctantly, we must return the Warmsley to Benslow!

Kind regards 


Amanda Barns


Dear Benslow,

Thank you for your kind email. Thought you might like to see the Warmsley cello in action! The video was taken at a recent charity concert for children so there is some background chatter.

Jacob will be very sad to part with such a lovely instrument!

See you on 5th August at 12 noon.