Care of Your Benslow Instrument

We expect that you will take all precautions to ensure the safety and security of your instrument.

As a matter of respect for our charity and the owners of our instruments, and for the safety and security of the instrument, you must read our Terms and Conditions and abide by them.

Please ask if anything is unclear.


It is your responsibility to make sure that:

  • The case is clearly labelled with your name and address on the outside and inside
  • Your instrument and bow are kept clean - wipe with a clean, dry cloth
  • Rosin is not allowed to build up on the instrument and/or bow
  • That your instrument/bow is serviced annually, and the log completed 
  • Instruments/bow are kept at 18-21C away from radiators, extremes of temperature, dampness, and out of the sun
  • Pets and very young children are kept at a safe distance


Please do NOT:

  • Attempt any repair or alteration yourself, other than changing the strings
  • Have any repair or alteration done to the instrument without prior written permission
  • Use any unapproved repairer or restorer without prior written agreement
  • Leave instruments unattended in a vehicle
  • Put them in the luggage rack on a train, coach or bus
  • Leave them unattended and out of the case
  • Discard any fragments from accidental damage (however insignificant they may seem) as these may be used during repairs
  • Overtighten bows

Please get in touch for more information: 01462 420748 |

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