Nicola Benedetti with the NCO in 2011

Photo: Alex Von Koettlitz

The NCO Benslow Award

The NCO Benslow Award is given for outstanding excellence. The winner benefits from the loan of an instrument for 3 years with a funding bursary to cover costs for the first year.

The National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain has been supporting young talented musicains from the ages of 7 - 13 since 1978 when it was founded by Vivienne Price. Its mission is to identify, nurture and showcase musical excellence in children through orchestral training, with a vision of becoming the leading training ground for professional musicians.

With places awarded annually by audition and competition extremely high, it is not surprising that the six  orchestras have built up an international reputation. Its young members are passionate about their music, demonstrate a maturity well beyond their years, and aspire to the highest standards.

The Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme is very proud of its association with the NCO, supporting a significant number of these young musicians over the years through the loan of an instrument.


Mia Dedic violin


Ilai Avni violin


Lizzie Lovell-Jones cello


Charlie Lovell-Jones violin