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1932 - 2019  

87 years of lending instruments to young musicians

In it's 87 year old history the Loan Scheme has been based in a variety of locations from central London, more rural Hampstead, the wilds of Western Scotland and, since the Second World War, at Benslow Music in Hitchin.

Even here we have moved from accommodation in a portacabin in the carpark, to two rooms in the Main House and most recently to an adapted suite of rooms in 2013. 

All the while, the ever-growing size and range of the instrument collection, now numbering over 800 instruments, it's safety, appropriate storage conditions, security, and the steady increase in borrowers, lenders and donors, has meant that as the Scheme has grown. And so has our need for space!

Our new building - from dream to reality

Designing and building a new home for the Loan Scheme, with purpose built accommodation, special storage and increased security has been a dream for many years.

As a not-for-profit charity we rely on generous benefactors and now, through the generous legacy from one person, and funded entirely from Loan Scheme reserves, this of a new home is becoming a reality.

The new building will still be on the Benslow Music site at Hitchin but will be situated behind the main house.

Help us to 'Raise the Roof'

Our fundraising campaign to 'Raise the Roof' is an appeal to help furnish the new building.

Our aim is to raise £50,000 by April 2020.

We are asking YOU to help us to raise this sum through activities, sponsorship and donation.

500 of our Borrowers, Lenders, Donors, Friends, Teachers, Alumni and Supporters each raising £100 between now and April 2020 would allow us to reach our target - £12.50 a month, just over £3 a week.

How can you help?

Please register your support for us by using the Contact Us form on this page. 

Use the link on this page to access further information about the campaign, fund raising ideas and ways in which you can support, help, raise money and donate to 'Raise the Roof'

We will be delighted to help in any way we can by advertising events and activities on the website and social media, providing you with marketing information about the Scheme in a fund-raising pack