If I donate my instrument to Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme will any student borrowing it keep in contact with me?

Where instruments are donated they become the sole property of Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme. In these circumstances it is not possible for us to organise contact between donor and students, however Benslow does update news to its website, Facebook and Twitter.

Can I donate or purchase an instrument to donate in memory of someone?

We welcome donations of instruments in memory of loved ones. We have a special label that can be fixed by our luthier, with appropriate adhesive, inside the instrument for the name of the person and your name. Please contact us if you wish to purchase an instrument to donate.

If I donate a stringed instrument must it have a bow with it, and what about a case?

We are grateful for stringed instruments without bows or cases. Anyone wishing to donate a modern case for stringed or woodwind instrument would be most welcome to make a donation to the cost of our special cases.

What happens if I donate my instrument and it is not suitable for the scheme?

Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme are grateful for all instruments donated to us. Those that are unsuitable for our students may be suitable for other schemes, such as overseas projects. Others may be sold at auction to raise funds for instrument purchase. Please be assured that your generosity will benefit this charity and the students who borrow from it.

Can I just donate a bow?

Yes, we welcome donations of bows in the same way we welcome donations of instruments.

Do I need to have my instrument valued and any repair or maintenance work carried out before I donate it?

A valuation and estimate of any work needed may be helpful. We can suggest suitable places for you to take your instrument.

How will my instrument be maintained?

All instruments donated to Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme are cared for by the Scheme and all necessary repairs are done by our resident luthier.

Will my instrument be insured?

Yes. All instruments coming into the scheme are covered by our all risks Specialist Musical Instrument policy.

Will you be able to collect my instrument?

Wherever possible we ask donors to deliver the instrument to us themselves. If this is problematic please contact us.