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The sound of music is a wonderful gift for all to enjoy - make a difference to someone's life

Music is a wonderful gift which appeals to people from all cultures and backgrounds.

It has the unique ability to transcend the barriers of language, unite people of all backgrounds, religions and cultures in a common purpose and to be both creative and educational at the same time.

"My parents adored music and supporting the development of young musicians. They would, were they here, be as delighted was I to know that "their cello" is loved and played and is helping a young musician to grow and flourish."

Giving young people the chance to make music is to offer them the opportunity to enhance their lives, fulfil their musical dreams, and to give back something in return.


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Give your instrument a new lease of life

Musical instruments are designed to look beautiful and to make a beautiful sound. For an instrument to remain in the cupboard unplayed for many years is to stifle its voice.

Donating an instrument to the Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme will allow that voice to come alive again and will fill the player and the listener with great joy.


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Let the instrument in your cupboard be restored to its former glory

All too often we hear of instruments which have been forgotten or even abandoned for years in the loft or in cupboards. Left to woodworm, mould, bow mite, damp or heat, instruments can llterally fall apart, crack, or even disintegrate.

Restoration can transform and maintain instruments for future generations as well as protect their value.

If you are considering donating an instrument to Benslow we can advise you where to take your instrument for valuation, restoration and/or maintenance before making the gift.


Help the history of your instrument continue

Nearly all instruments donated to us have a history or a special story to tell.

One French violin in the collection survived being taken to the trenches in the First World War. Its owner, a young man, carried it in his back pack and played it to his fellow soldiers to entertain them.

Donating your instrument will ensure that its journey continues and benefits many young people. Our full size instruments are loaned to students for three years. During this time the progress that they make helps them to have many new and wonderful experiences. It also adds to the rich tapestry of the instrument's history.